I have hairyboyz to tell this story true to myself to save losing a bet to see Swinging Sixties March 11. Chris I am in my mid-fifties, blonde quite hairyboyz small, with natural hair, a widow ten years ago and since then have sex until a few hairyboyz months ago when I met Bob, a man of the same age as me. We had sex a few times, but my guilty pleasure was my feeling that we are circumcised my dead husband. I thought Bob was a bit perverse, since it leaves us naked under the coat with which he wanted me to carry me happy. GoLocal points tend Barr Beacon beauty and Lickey hills, we went to open my coat, my naked body to show the kids that always seemed out of nowhere published, kicked me, but I would never admit it to Bob. Then back to the car and let me play with me Bob. If the winter is too cold for me, too, set to walk almost naked, having hairyboyz an adult movie theater in a nearby village, who was in a big sex shop and the place was said :The seats were comfortable leather sofas. We decided to visit a few days later and checked into the business went into the cinema, which was filled with people vert on all seats, we chose a three- seater with a man sitting there. There were a couple sat behind us. I was interested in this pair were just her breasts and her skirt at the waist, I could see her shaved pussy while playing, hairyboyz I turned to face the screen to see the movie will play stopped, Bob opened his coat, as I turned my hair is completely open, the man beside me was staring at me with his tail, was with him, caressing him, I must admit it gave me a chill. Bob was squeezing my small tits slidind his hand on my thigh. The other man put his hand on my leg if I did not remove his hand was higher, until my pussy, which now reaches a very wet, I wanted more. Bob took me roughly, I leaned over and pushed his cock in my pussy ready, my face only about an inch of the guys erect cock pushed into me, as Bob did in my mouth, I began to suck, which is good taste, I sucked harder, until the man complained. Which reached its climax when I got my body was shaking when it exploded his sperm in my throat I swallow it all, they were very good. Bob was pumping into me, and finally I felt his warm milk shot in my pussy when I sat down, Bob and the other both had to wake up their hands all over my naked body on me again. A look behind us, the other couple is playing again, now leaning to the naked girl and sucking her husband, when I saw that I felt a finger in my ass hole, finger directly in front of me in pushung I entered after puhing in and out and I was opening with his finger and removed by two, what a great feeling, this was replaced. It was not long before I was passed a climax and semen back strong I told m. This was the first visit to the cinema, but not the last, which weekly and I have great sex toys and underwear when I get naked under the coat purchased.
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